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Eco-operation of Traffic Flow by Enhancing Efficiency of Urban Transport Network Kitae Jang The Cho Chun Shik Graduate School for Green Transportation kitae.jang@kaist.ac.kr
Catalytic Conversion of CO2 toward High Value Commodity Chemicals Sang Woo Han Chemistry sangwoohan@kaist.ac.kr
Hybrid Nanostructured Photocathode Platform for Highly Selective, Fast CO2 Conversion Doh Chang Lee Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering dclee@kaist.ac.kr
High-throughput Screening for CO2/H2O Selective Porous Materials Jihan Kim Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering jihankim@kaist.ac.kr
Enhancement of CO2 Utilization and Storage in Cement and Concrete Materials H.K. Lee Civil & Environmental Engineering haengki@kaist.ac.kr
Development of High Efficiency CCGT System with CO2 Bottoming Cycle Jeong Ik Lee Nuclear & Quantum Engineering jeongiklee@kaist.ac,kr
Full-Wavelength Photoconversion of CO2 by Molecular/Nano-Catalysts Hyunjoon Song Chemistry hsong@kaist.ac.kr
Optimization-Based Study for CO2 Reduction Strategies in the Refinery Process Jay H. Lee Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering jayhlee@kaist.ac.kr
Development of CO2 Mineralization Integrated with Demineralization of Sea Water Jong-In Han Civil & Environmental Engineering hanj2@kaist.ac.kr
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